Banana & PB cupcakes 

Welcome to my second post featuring a fantastically yummy combo, peanut butter and banana. Now, I am aware that this isn't an entirely new thing and people have been eating the two together for some time, but it's new to me and I am OBSESSED. Earlier this week I posted a delicious breakfast recipe featuring … Continue reading Banana & PB cupcakes 

Peanut Butter pancakes

I won’t detail my love of pancakes again like I have in my previous posts here, so instead I’ll dive straight into another delicious recipe! Banana and peanut butter are a winning combo, but one a few people are slightly dubious of – much like the infamous maple syrup and bacon debate (which people STILL … Continue reading Peanut Butter pancakes

Banana pancakes 

Yet another delicious recipe you can create with overripe fruit! These banana pancakes are the perfect start to your Sunday and so, so easy to make.    Ingredients (serves 2, makes 4-5 pancakes):  1 overripe banana, mashed  15g unsalted butter, melted (plus a little extra for greasing the frying pan)  75g self raising flour, sifted … Continue reading Banana pancakes 

Bananas about baking…

There's nothing more sad than forgotten fruit, especially when it means you've constitued it for a share size Dairy Milk...or maybe that's just me? Either way, we're here to help by sharing some of the delicious bakes you can create with your leftover goodies. This month, BANANAS! NEW RECIPE: Banana breakfast loaf Ingredients: 100g unsalted … Continue reading Bananas about baking…

National Banana Bread Day – Banana, blueberry and oat loaf

Banana bread is by far my favourite bake. Not just because it makes me feel a little bit better about myself for eating it (hello, it's fruit!) it's also utterly scrumptious! I've played around with this recipe a couple of times, for example you can add Nutella instead of blueberries for a more indulgent treat … Continue reading National Banana Bread Day – Banana, blueberry and oat loaf