Easter Rocky Road 

My Cookies and Cream Rocky Road recipe is a massive hit on the blog (as well as with friends I’ve made it for) and something I didn’t think I could top when it came to tray bakes…until I made this Easter version!  

Crammed full of everything you would expect from a traditional Rocky Road, this dessert is made better by some of my favourite Easter treats such as Mini Eggs, Creme Eggs and Oreos (okay, these are my year round favs).

The result is a chocaholics DREAM and something fun and easy to make with the kids – definitely make sure this forms part of your bank holiday weekend. 


Tip: The mini Oreo/Daim/Cadbury Creme Eggs should be placed in the freezer overnight as this will make them easier to cut up. 

Note: I use just chocolate in the below recipe but you can add a dollop or two of golden syrup to help bind together all the ingredients. You can also use some butter but I find it a bit greasy when I use this along with golden syrup and personally prefer it without but if you do add, I would use 50/75g along with the chocolate.

Ingredients (makes around 12 average sized square pieces, depending on size of course): 

  • 50g crushed Oreos 
  • 100g crushes digestive biscuits 
  • 125g mini marshmallows 
  • 400g milk chocolate 
  • 50g white chocolate
  • 1 1/2 tbsp golden syrup (optional)
  • 1 bag of Cadbury Mink Eggs
  • 1 bag of mixed Cadbury eggs (Oreo, Creme Egg, Daim)
  • Coloured chocolate beans/mini smarties 


  1. Line a square brownie tin with butter and cling film and set aside. Place half of the Oreos (50g) into a sandwich bag and crush with a rolling pin until you have fine crumbs – add to a mixing bowl and then take the digestives and break them into small chunks by hand
  2. Add the marshmallows and a handful of mini eggs (save the rest for a later stage) to the mixing bowl then cut up the mini Daim/Oreo and Creme Eggs into quarters and place half of them into the bowl. Begin to melt the chocolate (and golden syrup if adding) on the hub over a low heat, stirring continuously until completely melted
  3. Once smooth and melted through, pour three quarters of the chocolate into the mixing bowl (you’ll want to leave some for the end) and stir into all the ingredients until completely covered
  4. Pour into your lined square brownie tin, pressing down on the mixture with the back of a spoon so the rocky road is compressed into the tin. Pour the remaining chocolate on top so it fills any gaps and then press the remaining Mini Eggs and quarters of Oreo/Daim/Creme Eggs into the top of the mixture
  5. Sprinkle your colourful chocolate beans/Smarties on top for more decoration before horizontally drizzling white chocolate on the top (I also used some yellow food colouring gel on half of the White chocolate for more of an Easter feel
  6. Leave in the fridge until they’ve set and serve

Happy Easter! Nic x



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