Doing a bit of Christmas shopping this weekend? Survive the Oxford Street crowds by visiting one of these delicious hot (chocolate) spots for a well deserved treat. I promise you won’t be disappointed and it’ll be just the sugar fix you need!  



An obvious choice I’m sure, but it would be rude to ignore their status as chocolate specialists and let me tell you, the hot chocolate is certainly a work of art! 

Served with a more than generous helping of whipped cream, giant marshmallows and two chocolate sticks this velvety Belgium hot chocolate is something Willy Wonka would be proud of and not too rich which means you can more than easily drink it all. 

Don’t get me wrong, the marshmallows taste a little funky (I think one resembled orange blossom) but how can you not expect the weird but wonderful from this place. So good, I’m giving it the top spot. 

Price: £3.50 

Location: 30-32 Fouberts Place, Carnaby Street 

SAID dal 1923


I just simply couldn’t talk about hot chocolate without mentioning this place. The only shop outside of its home in Rome, SAID is a boutique chocolate shop which produces a hot chocolate you will instantly fall in love with, thanks to the fact it is made from pure chocolate and not cocoa! Available in milk and dark varieties, I opted for milk and white chocolate which saw my entire cup dripping with the creamiest white chocolate and filled with a deep, rich milk chocolate. 

The price tag is more than the others in this post but with only one other of its kind in Europe, you would be mad not to visit this charming café which makes  you feel like you’ve been transported straight into Rome from the hustle and bustle of Soho. 

Location: 41 Broadwick Street, Soho 

Price: £5.50 

Paul A Young


It will be hard not to spot the big vat of hot chocolate simmering away in the corner as you enter the Soho store (you’ll definitely smell it too). Unlike other hot chocolates, what makes this unique is that it is made with hot water as opposed to milk to offer a more intense taste. This method certainly does what it sets out to, as this rich and slightly bitter hot chocolate was too much for me but then I watched in awe as a friend polished off the entire thing!

If you can handle its entirety, you will forever have my respect as this is one hot chocolate not to be missed. 

Price: £3.90 

Location: 143 Wardour Street, Soho 

Snowflake Gelato 


Apparently, producing some of the best ice cream in London wasn’t enough for these guys! This hot chocolate made from an espresso cup full of real dark chocolate chips is to die for and comes with or without a delicious whipped cream topping. The hot chocolate itself is one of the sweetest out of the bunch, but not overpowering so it really does make for a tasty, creamy treat. The price in relation to the size of the drink is totally worth it and while you’re there, I would recommend a chocolate hazelnut topped waffle too! Yum.

Price: £3.50

Location: Selfridges food hall, Oxford Street or 102 Wardour Street, Soho

Cutter and Squidge 
One for the kids! 

If you know anything about me and my blog, it’s that I LOVE salted caramel so naturally, I couldn’t resist the salted caramel hot chocolate from the founders of the Biskie. Less of an indulgent treat, it meant that this hot chocolate was gone in a few seconds, which left me some time to enjoy the amazing giant salted caramel marshmallow which came with it.

I would’ve liked more of the salted caramel flavour to come through a little bit but what I did like about the base of the hot chocolate was the fact it was lighter and milky, kids would love it – there’s even a malted hot chocolate version which is just as good.  

Price: £2.90 (50p extra for marshmallow) 

Location: 20 Brewer Street, Soho

Konditor and Cook 


Home to some of the best brownies (read my post here) this bakery also excels in hot chocolate making too! This light but creamy Belgium hot chocolate is so yummy that it doesn’t need any extras (other than a curly wurly brownie of course). A real treat which I didn’t have any trouble finishing, this is my personal recommendation and with this price tag, it’s an absolute steal! 

Price: £2.60 

Location: 22 Cornwall Road, Waterloo or 39 Goodge Street  


Nic x

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