Easter Rocky Road 

My Cookies and Cream Rocky Road recipe is a massive hit on the blog (as well as with friends I've made it for) and something I didn't think I could top when it came to tray bakes...until I made this Easter version!   Crammed full of everything you would expect from a traditional Rocky Road, this … Continue reading Easter Rocky Road 


Creme Egg Cupcakes 

This is my second Creme Egg concoction this year, and it's definitely a good one. What makes these a delight with anyone I've made these for is the double helping of Creme Egg (who doesn't love a surprise!)    Delicious, soft chocolate sponge encases a whole Creme Egg as well as being topped with a … Continue reading Creme Egg Cupcakes 

Creme Egg brownies!

 The reunion with Easter treats (is at first) somewhat upsetting. I look at them with disdain as soon as I see them appear on the supermarket shelves post December 25th (basically, Boxing Day) because inevitably, they mark the end of Christmas...and my January detox. Creme Eggs in particular are my biggest weakness, to the point where … Continue reading Creme Egg brownies!