Visiting Copenhagen: The Homeland of the Danish (the patisserie kind)

At the start of this year I set myself a NY resolution to travel outside of Europe. So far in 2016 I've traveled to Paris, Rome, Dublin and now Copenhagen. Whilst I've learnt never to set myself resolutions again, its very hard to be annoyed at the fact that I have (accidentally) substituted America or Asia for … Continue reading Visiting Copenhagen: The Homeland of the Danish (the patisserie kind)


Best pancakes in London 

Pancake Day is approaching (and I am beyond excited) but why stop there?  Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, and if my waistline was to permit it, my morning feed would be pancakes EVERYTIME.   On the weekend, I look forward to nothing more than a big, delicious brunch (preferably drowning in an … Continue reading Best pancakes in London 


Doing a bit of Christmas shopping this weekend? Survive the Oxford Street crowds by visiting one of these delicious hot (chocolate) spots for a well deserved treat. I promise you won't be disappointed and it'll be just the sugar fix you need!   Choccywoccydooda   An obvious choice I'm sure, but it would be rude … Continue reading THE BEST HOT CHOCOLATES IN LONDON 

Best brownies in London 

  It seems I'm not the only fan of these deliciously rich and chocolatey treats, Brownie 'specialists' are popping up all over town, with some shops only being available online. It seemed only fair then that I shared a list of some of my favourite brownies in London...yes, some taste testing may have been conducted.  … Continue reading Best brownies in London