Coconut and raspberry pancakes

Everyday should be pancake appreciation day but who am I to turn down a whole day dedicated to the greatest breakfast of all. A winning combination by all accounts, this year's Pancake Day deserved something extra special so this morning I whipped up this delicious coconut and raspberry pancake recipe to trump all the other … Continue reading Coconut and raspberry pancakes


Easy homemade Granola

There's something about making Granola that makes me feel like a domesticated housewife - the fancy, shiny, not so desperate kind. Maybe it's just making breakfast in general that leaves me all warm and fuzzy inside but either way, this easy Granola recipe is one for keeps. I took inspiration from a few recipes on … Continue reading Easy homemade Granola

Bananas about baking…

There's nothing more sad than forgotten fruit, especially when it means you've constitued it for a share size Dairy Milk...or maybe that's just me? Either way, we're here to help by sharing some of the delicious bakes you can create with your leftover goodies. This month, BANANAS! NEW RECIPE: Banana breakfast loaf Ingredients: 100g unsalted … Continue reading Bananas about baking…


Summer is here and as much as we'd like to continue to enjoy our diet of cake, cake, cake, something tells us we may regret doing so when it comes to getting to know our summer atire again.  Therefore, in order to fit in our daily dose of sweet treats and not feel so guilty … Continue reading SMOOTHIES!