Afternoon Tea at The Old Tea House – Beaconsfield

As you enter The Old Tea House, you are not only welcomed by warmth, the recognisable jingle from the bell above the door and the smell of freshly baked cakes, but friendly waitresses all fashioning a frilly white apron as though you'd just stepped into the 1920s. With a mismatched decor featuring bright floral printed … Continue reading Afternoon Tea at The Old Tea House – Beaconsfield


Oreo brownies

In the summer of 2005 I had a hideous sickness bug that left me bed ridden and inexplicably bored for two weeks as my Dad made me watch the Ashes all day, everyday. But it wasn’t this boredom nor the fact we actually won the Ashes tournament (or whatever) that reminds me of that summer, … Continue reading Oreo brownies

Brooklyn Blackout Cake

I've been looking for an excuse to make a big chocolate cake (more than just wanting to eat a big chocolate cake) and finally it came in the form of a baking day at work. Everyone in the office needed to bring in something different, so here was my chance to attempt this incredible cake. … Continue reading Brooklyn Blackout Cake

Chocolate and Peanut Butter bites

  My love affair with peanut butter is fairly recent, but now I'm pretty convinced it will go with almost everything and make it taste that bit nicer too! To top it off, someone even told me it's good for you...and that rats like it... Well, good for me or not, adding peanut butter to … Continue reading Chocolate and Peanut Butter bites

Raspberry and Almond ‘dreamboat’ cupcakes

This sweet almond sponge is balanced by the twang of the fruity raspberry jam, marbled throughout the cupcakes. Topped with a creamy raspberry buttercream, these are perfect with a cup of tea or, well, for any occasion really! To make these cupcakes extra dreamy, top them with everyone's favourite movie star...I recently took these to … Continue reading Raspberry and Almond ‘dreamboat’ cupcakes