Chocolate Orange Cookies

There hasn’t been a birthday, Christmas or Easter when I haven’t been without a Terry’s Chocolate Orange, they are my absolute favourite chocolate and I thank the gods when the supermarkets reduce them to a £1.

Dangerously tasty, it’s not hard to imagine why they are favoured amongst us cake baking types (this includes Dads if you’ve seen my Dad’s Ultimate Chocolate Orange cake recipe) so after already proving its worth in cake form, I decided to use them in the next best thing…COOKIES.

These biscuits follow my fool proof cookie dough recipe which gives you beautifully soft and chewy cookies but with a crisp edge and heaps of chocolate chunks. The chocolate orange segment on top isn’t just for show, it’s an extra treat and is perfect when the cookies are still warm and it remains lovely and gooey! Safe to say I’ve now found my favourite guilty pleasure (second to Little Mix).

Quantity: The large dough will makes around 20 medium sized biscuits. You can always freeze/refrigerate any leftover cookie dough when rolled up into a long sausage shape to bake another time.

Tip: When frozen, bring back to room temperature before baking (can be kept in freezer for up to free months). When refrigerated, keep for up to two weeks, using before the dough dries up.


This uses my ultimate cookie dough recipe here and makes around 12-16 large cookies but with a small tweaks:

  • 40g cocoa powder
  • Replace the milk chocolate with 150g chocolate orange chunks
  • 16 additional chocolate orange segments (to place on top)


  1. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees C and line a baking tray with baking paper. In a free stand mixer or by hand (I have done both) beat the butter and both sugars together until smooth (like you would when you cream together for a cake). Then simply whisk together the egg and Vanilla in a cup and add to the sugar/butter mixture, stirring until combined
  2. Next add the dry ingredients (flour, cocoa powder and baking powder) and mix with your wooden spoon – the liquid mixture will become thicker and stiff and you start to form a dough
  3. Take your chopped chocolate orange chunks and add these to the dough and mix with the spoon so they are equally dispersed into the dough. You can now roll out your cookie dough into a sausage shape and wrap tightly in cling film if you’re not using immediately. If baking straight away, roll a ball (slightly bigger than a golf ball) of dough in the palms of your hands and place on the tray – ensure each ball of dough is about 3cms apart
  4. Pop in the oven and put a timer on for 12 mins. At around 8 minutes, remove the cookies from the oven and place a segment of chocolate orange in the middle of each one. Place back in the oven and resume baking. When your timer has finished, the cookies will appear soft when you touch them but this is FINE, they will harden as they cool and you will be left with soft, gooey cookies which can be kept for up to 5 days

Enjoy! Nic x

Crazy for cookie dough? Check out some of my other biscuit recipes such as S’mores Cookies, Oreo stuffed Cookies or Cookie Cheesecake.


8 thoughts on “Chocolate Orange Cookies

  1. Chickenkeeper2015 says:

    They did 😀 I had loads of dough left so I’ve rolled it into balls and put them in the freezer. Do you think I can bake from frozen and if so what temp and how long?

    Liked by 1 person

    • absolutelymuffin says:

      Yes, the recipe does make a lot of dough and I love it because I can save it for a rainy day. I’ve never actually cooked it from frozen, ive always let it reach room temperature. I would double the cooking time at 170 and test with one of the cookie doughs to see how that goes


  2. Chickenkeeper2015 says:

    Right done it – I consulted Google and the from frozen baked at 180 for 10 mins, then put segment on, then baked for further 4 minutes. Have no idea how solid it would be once cooled because I ate hot with vanilla ice cream. SO good. Dangerous because I now have 5 more pretty much ready made chocolate desserts in the freezer!

    Liked by 1 person

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