Creme Egg Tiffin 

What do you get when you combine a classic tray bake with everyones favourite Easter treat? HEAVEN.    The addition of Creme Eggs takes this Tiffin recipe to another level, and this is a big accomplishment considering Tiffin is quite possibly my favourite tray bake - so simple, yet all the ingredients perfectly compliment one … Continue reading Creme Egg Tiffin 


No bake chocolate Tiffin! 

   Chocolate, biscuits, raisins...what's not to love. Tiffin is an old family favourite and so easy to make! Kids will love it but beware, it's impossible to stop at one slice.  Ingredients:  300g rich tea biscuits  150g unsalted butter (at room temp) 100g (4tbsp) golden syrup  75g raisins  100g dark chocolate for the base  100g … Continue reading No bake chocolate Tiffin!