Eton Mess Poke Cake

P-P-P-POKER CAKE P-P-POKER CAKE, NA-NA-NA-NUHHHH! I had to have a chat with myself as to whether or not to write the above pun but I went with it, I'm sorry....but not really sorry as I have genuinely been singing that Lady Gaga TUUUUUNE since I decided to make this cake. I've been out of the … Continue reading Eton Mess Poke Cake


Strawberry Dream Cake 

   This fruity number makes the loveliest birthday cake or a fantastic addition to Afternoon Tea. So creamy, the unique ingredient we have used makes it an absolute must have for any strawberry lover. Afterall, what is afternoon tea without a bit of strawberries and cream!  The inspiration for this delicious treat are the cakes … Continue reading Strawberry Dream Cake