Bananas about baking…

There's nothing more sad than forgotten fruit, especially when it means you've constitued it for a share size Dairy Milk...or maybe that's just me? Either way, we're here to help by sharing some of the delicious bakes you can create with your leftover goodies. This month, BANANAS! NEW RECIPE: Banana breakfast loaf Ingredients: 100g unsalted … Continue reading Bananas about baking…

Ginger Spice Loaf 

Okay, so it may be named after our favourite Spice Girl, but this Ginger Spice loaf cake is packed full of amazing flavours thanks to ginger, cinnamon, golden syrup, treacle and a delicious cream cheese icing.  Prepare to be surprised as this will soon be one of your favourite bakes!       Ingredients: 60g butter … Continue reading Ginger Spice Loaf 

Lemon Gizzle cake 

I could make an awful 'when life gives you lemons' joke here but I won't, because we all know that lemons make the perfect loaf cake and addition to a gin and tonic.  This lovely creation was concocted over the weekend for a friend's birthday - someone who loves cake and gin as much as … Continue reading Lemon Gizzle cake 

National Banana Bread Day – Banana, blueberry and oat loaf

Banana bread is by far my favourite bake. Not just because it makes me feel a little bit better about myself for eating it (hello, it's fruit!) it's also utterly scrumptious! I've played around with this recipe a couple of times, for example you can add Nutella instead of blueberries for a more indulgent treat … Continue reading National Banana Bread Day – Banana, blueberry and oat loaf