Eton Mess Poke Cake

P-P-P-POKER CAKE P-P-POKER CAKE, NA-NA-NA-NUHHHH! I had to have a chat with myself as to whether or not to write the above pun but I went with it, I'm sorry....but not really sorry as I have genuinely been singing that Lady Gaga TUUUUUNE since I decided to make this cake. I've been out of the … Continue reading Eton Mess Poke Cake


Eton Mess no churn Ice Cream

After making an insane Strawberry Eton Mess Bundt cake the other week, I decided to try my hand at an equally delicious ice cream version - ya know, now that us Brits believe we're in the meditaranean thanks to a current and very gorgeous heat wave. The art of making ice cream takes me back … Continue reading Eton Mess no churn Ice Cream

Eton Mess Bundt Cake 

There's no denying that Eton Mess is an iconic British Dessert, but it was definitely overlooked by my young self. I was a chocolate fiend (not much has changed) and look back fondly on the birthdays when I requested and received a Sara Lee Chocolate Gateaux as my birthday cake, FIVE years in a row. … Continue reading Eton Mess Bundt Cake