Afternoon Tea at The Old Tea House – Beaconsfield

As you enter The Old Tea House, you are not only welcomed by warmth, the recognisable jingle from the bell above the door and the smell of freshly baked cakes, but friendly waitresses all fashioning a frilly white apron as though you'd just stepped into the 1920s. With a mismatched decor featuring bright floral printed … Continue reading Afternoon Tea at The Old Tea House – Beaconsfield


Oreo brownies

In the summer of 2005 I had a hideous sickness bug that left me bed ridden and inexplicably bored for two weeks as my Dad made me watch the Ashes all day, everyday. But it wasn’t this boredom nor the fact we actually won the Ashes tournament (or whatever) that reminds me of that summer, … Continue reading Oreo brownies

Pastel macaroons

So I've always wanted to try to bake macaroons, but from everyone I've asked they can be a bit challenging. Stupidly I thought that I'd be the exception to this and I'd find them really simple and they'd be perfect...this didn't happen. I had two attempts at them, the first of which was going perfectly until … Continue reading Pastel macaroons