Best pancakes in London 

Pancake Day is approaching (and I am beyond excited) but why stop there? 

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, and if my waistline was to permit it, my morning feed would be pancakes EVERYTIME.

On the weekend, I look forward to nothing more than a big, delicious brunch (preferably drowning in an unhealthy amount of maple syrup), I will literally spend my Friday evening drooling at other peoples Instagram or Facebook feeds for inspiration until I have finally settled on my next breakfast hit. If, like me, you like to see in your weekend with a worrying amount of sugar  (but convinced blueberries make your stack of pancake goodness that little bit healthy) you will LOVE these brunch hot spots.

The one for when you’re feeling fruity:

I’ve come to realise that if you put the word ‘Diner’ into a restaurant name, I am automatically sold. These blueberry and buttermilk pancakes are dripping in a rich, sweet blueberry compote balanced by a dollop of creme fraiche and maple syrup, making them utterly delicious. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you will love these! 

The Urban Diner, various locations in London 

The one your dentist wouldn’t approve of:


LOOK AT THAT MAPLE SYRUP! Kingston is just up the road from me, and I am there a lot thanks to its decent shopping facilities. This cute coffee shop has caught my eye for months and as soon as I discovered they had pancakes, I knew it would be everything I hoped for.

These spelt, buttermilk pancakes are very different to the sweeter, fluffy options in this post but they are thicker and super tasty topped with maple syrup and summer berries. Partner with a flat white or one of their delicious, fresh smoothies and you’re all set!

Local Hero, Fulham and Kingston

The one with the pretty interior:  


As soon as you walk into Bourne and Hollingsworth, you instantly feel classy (or that you dont belong if you’re suffering from a post Saturday night hangover and thought brunch would be a casual, acceptable to wear last nights make up affair). This place means business and has an infamous bottomless brunch (drinks only) which sees the supply of endless Bloody Mary’s (amongst other cocktails) at just £18.

My favourite of the dropped scones (see, they even call pancakes fancy things) was the caramelised banana with mixed nuts but you can’t really go wrong whichever you choose!

Bourne and Hollingsworth,  42 Northampton Rd, Clerkenwell


The one that’s everyone’s favourite: 


There’s a queue every morning for a reason. This place is a DREAM, I literally contemplate crying when I have to leave. Not just because of they’re awesome mugs, the way they make paper chains/70s decor really cool or that you can buy said crockery and immense maple syrup to recreate your experience at home, but because it’s super tasty breakfast all day, everyday. Gah!

I don’t go here enough, I’ll admit that, so when you do visit, it’s a tough choice to choose between the Pancakes and Berries because of the mouthwatering vanilla cream or The All American because it’s a full English with pancakes! My advice? Go all the time and have both, twice.

Look at their tasty Pancake Day options here:

The Breakfast Club, various locations in London.  

The local haunt:  


A newly discovered gem, The Putney Canteen isn’t just the home to an epic array of cakes which welcome you as you enter the place, or great tasting coffee, it’s also host to some epic brunch options. The blueberry pancakes were soft, sweet and crammed with fruit l, perfectly paired with smokey grilled bacon and a pot of maple syrup.

This is a must try if you’re in South West, but beware, it’s very popular at the weekends so get in early or book.

The Putney Canteen, 285-287 Putney Bridge Rd 

The outsider: 

I can’t tell you how sad I am that this place doesn’t exist in London but when I visit my boyfriend in Buckinghamshire this my go to place for breakfast and dinner. Priding itself on its American style/inspired cuisine, this doesn’t disappoint on the pancake front. There are so many options to choose from including Apple and Cinnamon stick, chocolate chip, cheese n bacon…the LOT.

My favourite is the Baconana (fluffy bananas stacked high with bacon, fresh banana, pecans and warm maple syrup) and the PB + J stack which has similarly fluffy pancakes layered with thick peanut butter and sweet strawberry jam – it also comes with warm maple syrup if that wasn’t sweet enough! This place gets me.

Bluegrass BBQ, 12-13 Paul’s Row High Wycombe and 15 Gun Street, Reading

The one you thought only existed in dreams:


Nope, Red Velvet pancakes are a thing! There’s not much that could persuade someone to try these I’m sure, but do they measure up to the real thing? Well, I’m pleased to say they really do = bright red in colour, dripping with a sweet cream cheese sauce and syrupy berries…they are heavenly and the ultimate sweet treat.

For a similarly unbelievably good stack, try the sweet potato pancakes with bacon too or head down before Pancake Day to make the most of their limited edition options including The Oreo Cookie Stack and Reese’s Pieces pancake. See you there!

The Diner, various locations in London

The one you can always count on: 


When I first moved to London this was my second home and I cannot even tell you how many portions of their blueberry buttermilk pancakes I have got through over the last three years. These fluffy pieces of joy are my go to brunch when I’m less organised as they are guaranteed to give me the pick me up I need.

Bursting with delicious blueberries, these pancakes are soft, sweet and fluffy and made better topped with strawberries and banana (fruit other restaurants seem to forget – they are a necessity after all).

Bills, various locations in London

I hope you enjoyed the post, I certainly enjoyed making it! Why not check out some of my own pancake recipes here

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Nic x 

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