Cranberry Gin 

Just the tonic for this Christmas, CRANBERRY GIN! 

Gin, besides cake, is one of my all time loves and thankfully, a lot of my friends agree…so Christmas presents are pretty easy! I love the personal touch of a home-made Christmas present and cranberry gin is always fun to make, especially as you watch it deepen in colour over the weeks when the cranberries work their magic!

Ingredients (per 0.55l bottle):

  • 100g cranberries
  • 100g caster sugar
  • 300ml gin


  1. To start, prick the cranberries carefully with a sharp knife before adding to the bottle (this will allow the juice to escape and give your gin that festive red colour)
  2. Once all the cranberries have been added to the bottle, mix together the caster sugar and gin in a pan/mixing bowl until the sugar has dissolved, then pour into the bottle with a funnel leaving a 2-3cm gap at the top
  3. Ensure the bottle top is screwed on tight and store your bottle in a cool dry place for two-three weeks, shaking them carefully every two or three days – you will notice the colour change within a few days
  4. Finish by adding a hand-made note and you have a unique, personalised present! Merry Christmas indeed 

Nic x


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