Best brownies in London 

It seems I’m not the only fan of these deliciously rich and chocolatey treats, Brownie ‘specialists’ are popping up all over town, with some shops only being available online. It seemed only fair then that I shared a list of some of my favourite brownies in London…yes, some taste testing may have been conducted. 

Muriel’s Kitchen, South Kensington. 

You can’t fault a dessert with the words ‘Dulche de Leche’ within it, so naturally this brownie was oh so appealing. A thick layer of this creamy sauce adds extra sweetness to this deliciously moist brownie – we dare you to try and gobble it all. 

Bad Brownie, Street Food Union Market.


Identifiable thanks to its golden (literally) top, the Salted Caramel brownie was voted ‘the best brownie in London’ and we think it just might be! Each of the ‘bad brownies’ are undeniably chocolatey, moist and topped with an iconic brownie crust – and who could fault a brownie sandwiched with a layer of indulgent salted caramel? The crystallised caramel bark, sprinkled on top also offers a sweet crunch, making this a brownie you have to try!  


Look out for weekly specials, I recommend the bacon and maple syrup brownie too! 

Hummingbird Bakery, Richmond. 


With a raspberry cheesecake brownie to die for, Hummingbrd prove they’re not just a master in cupcakes. Featuring a classic chocolate brownie base topped with a generous raspberry cheesecake filling – it’s not hard to understand why this perfect pairing has proved popular. A tough act to follow, their latest edition, the Red Velvet brownie, is certainly up there in flavour, but didn’t resemble the iconic brownie texture I was longing for. As a result, we’ll be sticking to the former. 
Gail’s Bakery, Soho.


Another popular brownie in London, this award winner will certainly cure your chocolate craving! With the addition of walnuts to break up the rich and gooey texture, this brownie is pure heaven, and a reminder of why I fell in love with these beasts in the first place – warning you may struggle without a fork! 

Primrose Bakery, Primrose Hill.


A topping of chewy Malteaser pieces makes this traditional brownie extra special. All baked onsite to a classic recipe, this chocolatey brownie is everything it should be, and more. 

Konditor and Cook, Goodge Street


A friend and fellow brownie addict  recommended these guys to me some time ago, and I’m totally glad she did! My favourite out of the half a dozen I have tried has to be the Curly Wurly brownie (don’t be expecting any of those Cadbury caramel treats here though). This deliciously, light, chocolatey and creamy cheesecake brownie has it all without leaving a sickly taste in your mouth after, that’s why I’m making this my personal fav. 

Crumbs and Doillies, Soho.


These new(ish) kids on the block have brought with them some pretty amazing creations which meant it was hard deciding which of the daily specials I’ve enjoyed so far! A personal fave was the S’mores brownie, a combination of biscuit,  chocolatey brownie and creamy marshmallow. With a savoury biscuit base and light marshmallow fluff top, this brownie is a super tasty alternative to a rich and more indulgent choice. But if that’s not what you’re looking for, I also loved the cookie dough brownie, double decker brownie, PB & J brownie…you catch my drift! 


Nic x

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