No bake chocolate Tiffin! 

Chocolate, biscuits, raisins…what’s not to love. Tiffin is an old family favourite and so easy to make! Kids will love it but beware, it’s impossible to stop at one slice. 


  • 300g rich tea biscuits 
  • 150g unsalted butter (at room temp)
  • 100g (4tbsp) golden syrup 
  • 75g raisins 
  • 100g dark chocolate for the base 
  • 100g milk chocolate for the topping


  1. Line a 20cm brownie tin and place half of the biscuits into a sandwich bag (tied at the top) and begin to bash with a rolling pin until you have fine crumbs. Pour the crumbs into a mixing bowl and then begin to break the remaining biscuits with your hands (so you have slightly larger chunks of biscuit in your tiffin) 
  2. Once all of your biscuits are crushed and placed in a mixing bowl, you can begin to melt the butter, golden syrup and dark chocolate in a saucepan over a low heat 
  3. Once completely melted and combined, take off the heat and pour the mixture into the mixing bowl with the biscuits and stir until all the biscuits are coated 
  4. Pour the mixture into your lined baking tin and spread/flatten with the back of a metal spoon until every inch of your tin is covered and you have a smooth, well combined base 
  5. Leave in the fridge for 1-2 hours and then melt the milk chocolate in a microwave, checking every 10 seconds to ensure it doesn’t burn 
  6. Once melted, pour over your base and place back in the fridge for a further hour or until the chocolate is set. Yum! 

Nic x 


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