Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Afternoon Tea – Review 

No oompa loompa’s here, but what you will find is just as magical! 

When I heard that such a thing existed, I was beyond excited! ‘A Charlie and the Chocolate Factory themed afternoon tea! What does that even MEAN?!’ my friend’s squealed. Quite simply, it is the stuff of dreams and unlike any afternoon tea I have experienced.

At a cost of £35pp (minus champagne or themed cocktail), I thought this was quite reasonable given some traditional afternoon tea’s at bakeries and other cafés can now cost between £20-25. Plus, the menu is quite different from others of its kind…

Firstly, you are provided with a charming selection of savoury sandwiches and tarts. A necessity for  afternoon tea. Upon first sight, the portions seemed rather small, but we soon realised this was most probably to prepare us for what was to come! 


Next was an array of warm pastries, my favourite was the blueberry brioche (SO good), before the final reveal which resulted in my inability to remain as calm and collected as the other diners. Cue excitable clapping and creepy grinning at the waiter. 


A pedestal of some of the most delicious and eye catching treats filled our table. The candyfloss was a flavour ‘only three people had previously guessed correctly’ (I was one of them, just saying) and the mini milkshakes were creamy and full of chocolatey, caramel goodness. But the best treat of all was by far the golden chocolate egg. Filled with vanilla cheesecake and a helping of mango compote, this chocolate egg melts in the mouth and beats a creme egg hands down.

If you still have room, check out the magical ‘Cocktail Charlie’ which comes served in a glass teapot and offers one hell of a kick!

This alternative Afternoon Tea was incredible, and although quite pricey if you opt for the addition of champagne or a cocktail, it is a perfect treat for those with a sweet tooth! 


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